Tin tức Aviva

Tin tức Aviva


Within the scope of the Aviva Community Fund Program, on December 17th, Aviva Vietnam organized a workshop called "Turn ideas into reality" with the participation of more than 200 students and volunteers from clubs and social organizations.

Aviva Community Fund is a social program of the Aviva Corporation - the UK's leading insurance group, which encourages creative and positive ideas to contribute to the community. This is the first year Aviva Community Fund has been implemented in the Vietnamese market and has received much positive support for the program.

Usually, the biggest obstacle encountered by the students or volunteer groups during the implementation of community projects is the matter of budget. There are many ideas with high possibility but due to the limited budget, the ideas are still only on paper.

With the Aviva Community Fund, project owners will be financed up to 65,000 USD to portray their projects in three categories:  
Environment - Education - Health. 

The workshop "Turn ideas into reality" aims to give instructions of the project submission as well as share experience and inspire the participants to submit their ideas. The workshop occurred with the participation of many special guests.

Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc, Human Resources Manager of Aviva Vietnam, said: "This is one of the key CSR programs Aviva has been pursuing since its business started in Vietnam. Our country is still developing and experiencing financial difficulties, therefore areas of improvement are needed to bring better conditions to the community, but the community itself does not know how to approach the source of funds. Aviva Vietnam held the program with the hope of helping to solve the problem of funding for the community".

The most impressive part in the workshop was probably the interesting sharing of "The paths to generate ideas" of the psychology doctor, lecturer of the University of Pedagogy.

With the experience of teaching methods of thinking as well as practical experience of implementing community projects, Mr. Khac Hieu has brought extremely useful advice, methods of critical thinking for the participants to be confident with their projects. "I am very surprised with the enthusiasm of young people today as they are not only talented, but also very well aware of the benefits to the community."

Let’s welcome new and meaningful projects as well as their contribution to improve the living environment of our communities with this year's Aviva Community Fund at quycongdong.aviva.com.vn.

The Aviva Community Fund Program officially enters into the submission stage until January 15th, 2018. 
For more detailed information, please contact:

Website: Quycongdong.aviva.com.vn
Email: Quycongdong@aviva.com.vn
Facebook:  facebook.com/avivavietnam
Hotline: 01258080049 

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