A practical solution of finance and human resouce policy which helps Enterprise to be active and efficient in competition and development

To run a business is never an easy task. Any business's choice must be carefully considered in terms of efficiency and it should address the question "Why is it an appropriate and worthy choice for business?". Each right choice will help enterprise step up on the ground of competition and development.

Phat Nghiep Hung Vuong is an insurance program for employees designed with the feature of preserving capital and making profit, not only helping business to complete its human resource policy, but also providing enterprise the maximum flexibility to use capital resource effectively. It can take advantage of tax incentives in terms of Corporate tax exemption. This results in outstanding strengths on the market.


A practical solution of finance and human resouce policy which helps Enterprise to be active and efficient in competition and development


Preserve capital and make profit

o Phat Nghiep Hung Vuong enables Businesses to preserve capital and make profit effectively with the benefit of Crediting Interest Rate from paid premiums. Business organization and Employees enjoy the outstanding saving interest from the results of Universal Life fund and are always secured by the most competitive minimum guaranteed interest rate.

The most flexible

o Phat Nghiep Hung Vuong is the leading product in the market which offers Business organizations activeness in insurance - financial decisions by the policy that Business organizations can finish premium payment in one time or multiple times (but not over the 5th Policy year). The business organizations can take initiative in allocate Base premium and Top-up premium depending on the financial health of the business organizations. 
o Business organizations can actively select Insurance term, amend Sum Assured and especially have solutions for human resources policies for Employees (attract talents, mobilize/ appoint personnel, terminate Labor contract…)

The most competitive

o Phat Nghiep Hung Vuong is an insurance product with 3 most competitive charges in the market: Initial charge, Universal Life management charge, and Policy administration charge

General information

vpn_key Policyholder  Business Organization
vpn_key Life assured Manager/ Supervisor/ Staff
all_inclusive Age at entry 18-65 years old, not over 75 years old at maturity
attach_money Policy term  5 - 15 years
attach_money Premium term 1- 5 years
attach_money Sum assured (SA) • Maximum SA: VND 3 billion
• Min SA: VND 30 million and based on the Premium Payment term. Specifically:
- Premium payment term 1 year: the Minimum sum is 125% base on premium
- Premium payment term 2 years: the Minimum sum is 250% base on premium
- Premium payment term 3 years: the Minimum sum is 350% base on premium
- Premium payment term 4-5 years: the Minimum sum is 500% base on premium
description Product terms   Please refer at here

Insurance benefits


With the same premium, the Business organization has the right to select Projection option for Employees:

  • Priority for Investment and saving: Employees will receive the level protection benefit which is the higher value between the Sum Assured and Policy Account Value at time of the Insured's death.
  • Priority for Comprehensive protection: Employees will receive the advanced protection benefit which is equal to the sum of Sum Assured and Policy Account Value at time of the Insured's death.
    Employees are entitled to receive 100% Death benefit.

    Business organization and Employees (*) are entitled to increase Policy Account Value with attractive interest crediting rate from the results of Universal Life fund. Aviva guarantees that at any time when the Policy is in force the applied Interest crediting rate is not below the guaranteed interest crediting rate.

    Policy year 1 2 3 4 5 6+
    Guaranteed interest crediting rate
    (upon Policy account value)

    (*) Beneficiaries depend on agreements between Business organization and Employees about working time, productivity...
    Business organization and employees (*) receive maturity benefit as a saving benefit on the maturity date with a 100% payment of all the Policy account value.
    Policy Account Value = Allocated premiums + Accumulative Interest – (Monthly deductible amount + Partial withdrawals + Partial withdrawal charge). 

    Business organization is able to choose supplementary benefits to increase the protection for employees under human resources policies with preferential rates. The additional benefits include:

  • Hospitalization rider
  • Surgical rider
  • Term life rider
  • Critical illness rider 2015
  • Insurance benefits


    Joining various complementary products gives a comprehensive protection not only to your family, but also to other members of your family
    Critical Illness Rider 2015

    Critical Illness Rider 2015

    Term life rider

    Term life rider





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