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At Aviva, we target at building a diversified working environment, where all employees are put at the center of the company's development strategy. We believe that a unique corporate culture will be a solid foundation for Aviva's sustainable success. 

We cordially welcome you to Aviva, where our core values are strongly promoted and presented in all employees' performance, all products development and customer services.




"These core values are the foundation of Aviva's Recruitment Policy and Employee Development Strategy"


Care more

Aviva cares and timely recognizes every individual's contribution to the Company through the Caught In The Act Program - CIA. 

Never rest

Aviva has a promising career development roadmap to constantly develop individual talents.

Kill Complexity

Aviva always encourages creative ideas and initiatives from all employees through the Program called “My ideas – Aviva future”.

Create Legacy

Aviva builds its prestige and creates unique Corporate Social Responsibility Programs to contribute back to the community where we're operating at.



Questions related to Aviva Vietnam are fully explained to help you understand more about us.

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