How do I get life insurance cover with Aviva?

Please contact us via hotline 1900 633 369 to get product information, instruction for application form and be introduced to our consultants or directly come to the nearest Transaction Office/ Branch of VietinBank to apply for life insurance with Aviva.

I need to get life insurance cover with Aviva, what documents I need to prepare for my application?
Insurance Application form of Aviva includes the following documents: 

- Insurance Application form (individual/organization); 

- Copy of identification of Policyholder, Life Assured, Beneficiary (ID card/Birth Certificate/ Passport…); 

- Illustration of Policy; 

- Consultant Report; 

- Copy of Page 1 of Pay slip; 

- Other document (if any): 

+ Addition of D.O.B Form: If customer does not have date and/or month of birth in acceptable identification document. 

+ Hospital check-out, Surgery Certificate, Periodical health check document, Medical books, Test form, etc.: If the customer has a history of surgery, hospitalization, treatment…

My company needs to apply insurance for employees, is it true that I (representative of the company) need to declare on Insurance Application form for Organization?
In case Policyholder is an organization, customer needs to declare on Insurance Application Form for Organizationfor all people who apply for insurance at the same time, regardless of the number of Life Assured. Each of Life Assured still needs to declare on the corresponding Insurance Application Form.
Explain the way to calculate insured age of Aviva?
Life Assured's age is the age calculated based on the last birthday compared with the date that Policy takes effect. For example: Customer born on November 01, 1984 joined insurance with Aviva on September 01, 2011, the last birthday was November 01, 2010, thus customer's age when joining would be 26 years old. If the same customer joined insurance on December 12, 2011, the last birthday was November 01, 2011, thus customer's age when joining would be 27 years old.
If I lose the original version of Policy, can I get my policy reissued?
In case of losing the original version of Policy, the company will reissue the Life Insurance Certificate to customer, other documents (such as Terms and Conditions, copy version of Insurance Application for,…) will not be reissued. Customer can inform Consultant for further instruction of reissuing Life Insurance Certificate or completing Lost Policy Declaration Form and send to Aviva at address: Aviva Life Insurance Company Ltd, 13rd floor, Mipec Tower, 229 Tay Son, Dong Da District, Ha Noi
How to determine the time of policy taking effect?
In case Aviva accepts insurance for you, the Policy takes effect from the time Aviva attains the Insurance Application Form and Provisional Premium of the policy. Coverage responsibilities of Aviva incurs from the time the Policy takes effect. However, the Company only covers risks in accordance with Terms and Conditions from the date of Policy issuance noted in Insurance Certificate. During the time from policy taking effect to the date of policy issuance, you will be covered based on the term of temporary insurance.
How to determine the date of temporary insurance? The term of temporary insurance?

After completing Insurance Application Form and paying the full amount of provisional premium, customer will be immediately covered according to the term of temporary insurance. In other words, temporary insuranceis in force from the date Customer pays the initial premium. This date coincides with the date on the Pay Slip. Customer is covered based on the term of temporary insurance until the policy is issued and the maximum term of temporary insurance is 30 days.

After signing policy with Aviva, how long is the time of consideration? During this time, which coverage do I have?
The time for your consideration is 21 days from the date of receiveing the insurance policy. During this time, customer canread terms and conditions, benefits of the policy carefully. In case of chaing identification or policy information such as sum assured, policy term, premium frequency… Customer can request company to amend appropriately. Or after careful consideration and deciding that you are unable to join insurance with terms and conditions in the policy, you can request company to cancel the policy, company will refund 100% paid premium (without interest), minus Health Check cost (if applicable) and Policy Administration Charge. An important note is that, during cooling-off period, your policy is still in force. If there is any event occurs during this time, company still fulfils the responsibility to pay insurance benefits under the provisions of the policy. After cooling-off period, life insurance policy will be executed in accordance with the provisions of the Terms.
The temporary insurance benefit is paid in which case? What is the limit for temporary insurance payment?
The company only pays the temporary insurance benefit in case of accidental death (not in cases of exclusion under the terms of insurance policy). At that time, Aviva will pay the greater amount between: 

a) Total Sum Assured according to all Insurance Application Forms of main plan for Life Assured under consideration but no greater than VND 100.000.000 (one hundred million dong); and 

b) Total provisional premium paid based on all Insurance Application Formsfor Life Assured under consideration.

I have signed policy with Aviva, now I want to amend both full name and new ID number on the policy. Which documents do I need to provide to amend?
To implement these amendments, customer kindly please: 

- Fill full information into Request for Changes to Document/ Life Policy - Form 01 or write the letter to request; 

- Provide copy version of new ID card; 

- Provide Decision of name rectification/Name Confirmation of local authority.