2018 Customer Care program

With the motto of operation on top of our core value "Customer first" and the desire to increase customer service satisfaction of customers, Aviva has officially launched Customer Service 2018 program effective from 16th May 2018 specifically:

Customer classification The total amount of annual premiums (APE) (*)
Silver APE< 50m
Gold 50m ≤ APE <100m 
Platinum 100m ≤ APE < 200m
Diamond APE > 200m
(*) Annual premiums calculated on in-force policies of 1 customer.

Overall customer benefits

Total annual premiums of all policies (APE) Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
APE ≥ 200m 100m ≤ APE < 200m
50m ≤ APE < 100m APE < 50m
 Welcome SMS  x  x  x  x
 Happy Birthday SMS x x x x
Happy Holidays SMS: 8/3, 20/10, Lunar New Year  x
Birthday's premium gifts
 x x    
Birthday's standard gifts
 New Year's gifts x