Tin tức Aviva

Tin tức Aviva


On 22th November, the top 50 charitable projects in Aviva Community Fund Program 2019 were honored in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The awarding ceremony was participated by Dr. Nguyen Hoang Khac Hieu, Ms. Luong Hong Thuy (representing the Central Vietnam Red Cross), Ms. Doan Tu Anh (Marketing Director of Aviva Vietnam) who were the judges of our program, as well as the participant of  Aviva Vietnam representatives Nam is Mrs. Nguyen Thu Thuy (Aviva Vietnam's Human Resources Director).

This year, participants focused on addressing many hot issues related to Environment, Education and Public Health. For example, the project #LessPlasticConDao aims to reduce plastic waste in Con Dao, the project "Protect Cao Pha's environment from the risk of waste pollution", or the humanitarian project "Beauty for visually impaired women", which support training for visually impaired women with basic makeup skills.

After only 4 months of launching, the Aviva Community Fund Program 2019 which organized by Aviva Vietnam and the Vietnam Red Cross Center, has attracted nearly 500 projects to participate and received more than 500,000 votes from the community. 

Please refer to http://quycongdong.aviva.com.vn for more details.


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