Tin tức Aviva

Tin tức Aviva


With the vision of becoming a life insurance company integrated with the most comprehensive and modern technology in Vietnam in 2020 in order to bring customers the most satisfying services, Aviva Vietnam has been heavily investing in the development of digital technology and modern infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of its customers. Regarding “customer-centric” as an important development strategy, Aviva Vietnam has developed ChatBot software to support Aviva Vietnam's sales team and customers. This is is the first software built on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support the sales team in the Vietnamese life insurance market.

Specifically, in early December 2018, Aviva Vietnam proudly introduced GOODIE - Robot Chat programmed with every necessary feature to provide a 24/7 support to its sales force to serve the customers quickly and efficiently. With the support from GOODIE, the sales team can easily look up the necessary information such as product information, hospital list and clinics nearest. GOODIE also has the ability to select and recommend the most suitable products for each customer's needs in the consultation process, with detailed information on outstanding features of each product. Salesforce of Aviva Vietnam can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions in many topics from internal contests, customer care and process of claim to commission for agent. With these outstanding features, only after 30 days since launched, GOODIE had been receiving positive feedback from the sales team.


It can be said that GOODIE is a new stepping stone of Aviva Vietnam in order to strongly affirm the investment in digital technology development to apply to all mainstream activities of Aviva Vietnam, especially to enhance the quality of customer service.

In the upcoming time, Aviva Vietnam will continue to make significant progress in the hopes of bringing digital technology closer to Aviva Vietnam’s customers, helping them access and use Aviva's services more conveniently and more quickly.

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