Tin tức Aviva

Tin tức Aviva


Aviva Community Fund Program is a global campaign organized by Aviva in order to call for projects that bring positive changes to the community. The program was initiated in 2009 and has been implemented in six countries: England, France, Italy, Poland, Hong Kong and Canada. Vietnam is the first country in South East Asia to launch the Program in 2017.

With ACF, Aviva hopes to accumulate funding in order to convey these projects into reality and bring a sense of inspirational initiatives to the community, especially to the younger generations.

The program officially started and opended Submission Gate on December 1st, 2017 and finished on January 15th, 2018. For further information and registration process, please visit:

Website: http://quycongdong.aviva.com.vn

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/avivavietnam/ 



Aviva Community Fund Program has 3 levels of funding: $1500, $3000 and $5000. Details:

  •     9 programs will each be received a grant amount of $5.000
  •     15 programs will each be received a grant amount of $3.000
  •     26 programs will each be received a grant amount of $1.500

Contest Rules

1. Participants:

  •     Individual or Representative of the group/organization.
  •     Citizens of Vietnam and are currently living in Vietnam.
  •     Not a judge’s members or member of judge’s family of Aviva Community Fund program (wife/husband, children, father/mother or sibling/cousin);
  •     18 years old and above

2. Regulations:

  •     The ACF Board of Organization have the right to cancel their eligibility if the behavior is found not to be complied with regulations or activities required by the ACF Board of Organization.
  •     The ACF Board of Organization have the right to make changes to the contest rules if necessary. 
  •     The ACF Board of Organization’s decision shall be final. Should you have any query or complaint, please send an email to: quycongdong@aviva.com.vn

3. Program structure

The Aviva Community Fund program 2019 will be held from May 2nd, 2019 to September 26th, 2019, including some special milestones as follow:

  • Project Submission Round (02 May, 2019 – 18 June, 2019)

Within this period, you shall turn your idea into a project and show it on the official website of the program Quycongdong.aviva.com.vn. The supported content types include text, image and video.

For instructions on submission, please access the link here.

  • Voting Round (4 July, 2019 – 1 August, 2019)

In this round, you can start sharing your project with your friends, your family or anyone to call for as many votes as possible. The projects with the most votes will enter the final round.

Specifically, the top 26 most voted projects competing for the funding level of US $1500 will be granted immediate funding without having to compete in the final round.

Any individual with a valid account registered on the website of Aviva Community Fund can vote for the projects (Even if you do not submit any projects, you still have the right to vote for other projects).

Each account will have 10 votes. You can allocate your votes to different projects or use all 10 votes for only one project.


  • The final round (29 August, 2018 – 26 September, 2019)

The 15 projects of US $3000 and the 9 projects of US $5000 funding level with the most votes will get into the final round. The judges of Aviva Community Fund Program will evaluate the projects according to the criteria as follows:

    (25% of total) Project’s Impact
    (15% of total) Feasibility
    (30% of total) Project’s Age and Sustainability
    (5% of total) Originality and Uniqueness
    (10% of total) Submission’s Quality
    (15% of total) Number of Votes

The official results of winning projects will be announced after that.

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