Flexible protection solution for Employees

Each Employee working in the business has a responsibility to hold, a family to care for and a dream to pursue. However, life can bring unpredictable incidents. Protecting the Employees against the risks is the invaluable present that the Company can give to their Employees. Aviva proudly introduce "Aviva - An Tam Vung Nghiep" - a solution with flexible protection benefits, helping Employees to feel fully assured and confident to walk with the Company for a long-term and successful career.
Flexible protection solution for Employees


Protection benefit

o is equal to 10 times of annual premium

Preserve Corporate’s initial capital at maturity

o pay back 100% of Total Premium Paid of the main product 

Simple procedure

o Customers can receive a lump sum of insurance benefit

o Simple underwriting procedure

General information

vpn_key Entry age   18 - 60 years old 
all_inclusive Age at maturity  At the end of age 64
description Policy term  05 years
description Premium payment term  Equal to Policy term (05 years)
description Frequency of payment  Annually/ semi-annually/ quarterly/ monthly
description Terms and Conditions  Vui lòng tham khảo tại đây
description Product brochure  Vui lòng tham khảo tại đây

Insurance benefits

Death and Total and Permanent Disability Insurance benefit

Customers will receive Sum Assured if Life Assured suffers from Death or Total and Permanent Disability.

Maturity benefit

Customers will receive 100% of Total Premium Paid of the main product when Life Assured lives until the end of Maturity date.

* Note: Beneficiary will be decided by Policy Holder

Benefit illustration


Joining complementary products gives a comprehensive protection 
Surgery Rider

Surgery Rider

Hospitalization rider

Hospitalization rider

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