Attendant list of lucky win for employees of Vietinbank

To send a deep gratitude for all employees of Vietinbank, who always believe and select a service product of Aviva. Aviva deployed a lucky win program, especially for employees of Vietinbank from 26th February to 26th April 2018


Rewards: 10 ounces of SJC (each person will be received at most 1 ounce)


Attendant condition: The employees of Vietinbank apply and issue an agreement during the time of the program.

Lucky win program is planning to organize at Aviva’s headquarter on 21st June 2018. The attendant list is at here.


The program result will be issue on Website of Aviva as soon as finished the draw lots.


Any question concerns this program, the employees please contact the company to be clear via:

  • Hotline: 024-37246699
  • Email:

    Aviva Community Fund

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