Tin tức Aviva

Tin tức Aviva


According to Decision No. 217/QĐ-TCKT dated 12/28/2017 regarding Aviva Vietnam Ltd.’s officially using E-invoice system, since 01/01/2018, company’s invoice will be automatically issued in form of E-invoice and shall be sent directly to customers with notification via SMS and customer’s available email addresses.

Customers will use the username and password received to access and download the E-invoice on the website http://einvoice.aviva.com.vn 

Please note:

1. The format of E-invoice:

  • Format 1: Converted invoice (hard copy): Used when circulating goods.
  • Format 2: E-invoice (soft copy): Illustration for E-invoice (*.pdf) and accessing information, used in a complete form including file formatted *.xml or *.inv and email containing link, user/password: Popularly used

    2. The invoice will be automatically issued on a daily basis including individual and organization customers.

    3. If the customer does not have an email, please send the information to wecare@aviva.com.vn for OP to update information on the system.

    4. Any inquiries related to electronic invoices, please send to e.invoice@aviva.com.vn

    5. Corporate customers who want the invoice for multiple contracts are required to have a principal contract.

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