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Step 1: Start from the right (or you can start from the left if you like!) - wig As shown on the right, cheap human hair wigs choose the side of wig store the hair you want to split. Cut the large portion affordable wigs over the right ear and divide it into three parts.

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If your frizzy and frizzy hair breaks easily, going to the salon looks more like torture, but you should do it. If you do not, your hair can easily break down, causing permanent damage to your hair. Pruning is planned every 8-12 weeks. When combing your hair, make sure it is soft.

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Step 3. Begin curling your hair in monofilament wigs a 1 inch segment (or about 1 inch, this look is found to work well with the clip size and orientation). I don't want the waves to start before then, so I wigs for men don't want to curl the top of the ear. If you want to be taller, do not roll it from the beginning. Also, never use hair clips to trim hair. Do not crease completely afro wig on the bottom of curly paper, leaving at least 1 inch from the non-curled edge. Keep the hair on the taper stick for 8-10 seconds, but it varies throughout the curl, so some of them are more relaxed than other curls.