In order to express our special thanks to customers applying for our products, since the date July 15th 2014,  Aviva Life Insurance Company Limited (Aviva) has officially implemented the after-sale customer care program in nationwide.

Customer Class Annual premium equivalent (APE)
of all policies (VND)
Standard Below 20 million
Silver From 20 millionto below 50 million
Gold From 50 millionto below 100 million
Platinum From and above 100 million


Based on total annual premium equivalent (APE) of current policies, customers participating life insurance products of Aviva shall be classified as following:

An annual premium equivalent
Platinum  Gold Silver Standard
APE ≥ VND 100 M VND 50 M ≤ APE< VND 100 M VND 20 M ≤ APE< VND 50 M APE< VND 20 M
BASIC CARE (Implemented from the end of Quarter III/2014)
SMS & Email on Policyholder's birthday v v v v
SMS to celebrate special dates: March 8th; October 20th; Noel,
Mid- Autumn, Lunar Tet,…
v v v v
ADVANCED CARE (Implemented from July 15th 2014)
Birthday gift
Flower v v    
Lunar Tet/ Special occasion
Bloc Calendar v      
Wall Calendar   v    
Lucky money envelope v v    
Card of Lunar Tet v v